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Skip the trip to the DMV - Instead take care of common DMV services at our local branch. It’s fast, easy, and convenient—and you never need an appointment.We can help with all of your needs for: Auto, Truck, Motorcycle (On & Off Highway), Boats, Trailers, Classic & Recreational Vehicles.

Registration Renewal

Early, on time or late registration renewals can be done within minutes. We can have your registration completed and ready for pick up or delivery on the same day.

Registration, Stickers & Plates

Issued on the spot with no hassle or problem. Once necessary information is verified, you can walk in and walk out in just minutes or mailed out on the same day.

Transfer of California Title

With a direct link to the DMV, we are able to process transfers on the spot once we have all necessary documents. We can begin the process which will help you to stop costly penalties!

Partial Year Renewal

Commercial vehicles can be registered for as little as one month. It is our business to keep your business vehicle on the road.

Problem Resolution

Have a problem? Lost your title? Can’t seem to fix an auto registration problem through the DMV? Let us help.

Duplicate Title

Obtaining a duplicate title may not be as easy as it seems it should be. We will help to insure that a new title is sent to you as soon as possible.

Out of State Vehicle Transfers

Need to have your vehicle registered in California? Purchased a vehicle from out of State? We walk you through the complete process, making things easy for you.

Specialty Plates

Do you need Personalized Plates, Legacy Plates, Disabled Plates, Year of Manufacture Plates? We make sure you do not have to step a foot in the DMV.

Special Equipment

We can obtain special plates, special registration, or special replacement plates for your new or used equipment.

Auto Registration Express Helps Everyone

Let us be your own personal DMV expert.

  • Skip the trip to the DMV

    Take care of common DMV services of our local branch.

DMV Services for Individuals
  • Skip the trip to the DMV

    Take care of common DMV services at our local branch.

DMV Services for Companies
  • Skip the trip to the DMV

    Take care of common DMV services at our local branch.

DMV Services for Fleets
  • Skip the trip to the DMV

    Take care of common DMV services at our local branch.

DMV Services for Dealers


51% of Individuals we have helped saved money.


60% of Companies we have helped saved money.


80% of Fleets we have helped saved money.


100% of Dealers we have helped saved money.

Discover how we can help save you time and money. We are backed by 40 years of experience. Skip the line and save time. Contact us today to get started.

About us


With 31 years in business and over 40 years of experience in dealing with the DMV, we make it easy for your needs. Most services are provided on the spot! We are a business partner with the DMV. We issue license plates, registrations and registrations stickers on site. Let us show you how easy it can be. If we cannot process on the spot, we will have your transaction done the next day, in most cases.

Auto Registration Express has been able to help thousands to simplify dealing with auto registration issues. Knowing the policies and procedures in dealing with auto registration documents and the California DMV, helps to save time, money and frustration!

Why Use Us

We are a Business Partner with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, allowing us to process most transactions in-house (exceptions do apply; additional service fee may apply).

Don’t spend hours at the DMV. We can have you in and out in minutes! Let us do what we do best, so we can save you time, money, and frustration.

We know which vehicle codes will help to save you back fees and penalties.

We know DMV procedure and various legalities that are not everyday issues businesses or individuals.

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Our Clients

  • Fast, friendly, and efficient! They took the "oh my God" out of what I needed to do with the DMV. Now if they can only fix the other problems in my life...I guess there are still things I am still going to do for myself.

    I can't say enough about Carol, she is Fantastic!

    Von Hildebrandt, Customer
  • The best place for all your DMV needs

    Neida Reese, Customer
  • Carol is the best and the sweetest lady. She knows her stuff. Why waste time at DMV when Carol and her crew can do it while you wait?

    Christopher Helwig, Customer
  • I had an awesome time! Too quick. I would've liked to hang out more. Got my duplicate reg in like 2mins

    Mark White, Customer