About Us

About us

With 31 years in business and over 40 years of experience in dealing with the DMV, we make it easy for your needs. Most services are provided on the spot! We are a business partner with the DMV. We issue license plates, registrations and registrations stickers on site. Let us show you how easy it can be. If we cannot process on the spot, we will have your transaction done the next day, in most cases.

Auto Registration Express has been able to help thousands to simplify dealing with auto registration issues. Knowing the policies and procedures in dealing with auto registration documents and the California DMV, helps to save time, money and frustration!

Company History

Auto Registration Express was formerly known as Auction Express Title Service. Auction Express was located on the corner of Orangethorpe & Rose Drive in Placentia for over 28 years. Auction Express was relocated in October, 2012 to our present location.

Why Use Us

We are a Business Partner with the California Department of Motor Vehicles, allowing us to process most transactions in-house (exceptions do apply; additional service fee may apply).

Don’t spend hours at the DMV. We can have you in and out in minutes! Let us do what we do best, so we can save you time, money, and frustration.

We know which vehicle codes will help to save you back fees and penalties.

We know DMV procedure and various legalities that are not everyday issues businesses or individuals.

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